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Here’s How It Works

Utility Bills Arrive at EMS

US Mail – Online Retrieval – EDI

Data Entry & Validation

Scanned Images – OCR Data
Scan – 20 Point Data Validation

A/P Integration

Your EMS Account
Representative provides
automated A/P file with GL codes

Bill Pay

Remit payments to utility
companies yourself or have EMS
do it for you.

Confirmation & Monitoring

Advanced Energy Portal with
robust reporting features.

Data Entry & Validation
AP Integration
Confirmation & Monitoring

Why Outsource Your UEM?

Trust The Experts


With over 35 years of utility experience you can trust the experts at EMS to manage all of your utility bills.

Our single-source, multi-user, cloud-based, Utility Expense Management platform is superior, affordable, and efficient:


  • Convert data into actionable information
  • Centralize ALL utility bills
  • Reduce administrative processing costs
  • Avoid late fees using AP integration
  • Catch billing errors
  • Reduce vacancy loss
  • Access powerful reporting analytics
  • Streamline data collection process

Audits & Alerts

we review every invoice so you don’t have to

“Utility bill auditing falls outside the expertise of most Accounts Payable staff. We identify invoices of concern, alert you, and then provide dispute resolution.”


A/P Integration

whether you pay or we pay, its always an easy day

  • Customizable A/P files
  • GL code integration
  • System agnostic
  • Automated email or FTP upload
process flow

Facility-Level Management

share tribal knowledge with current and future staff

  • Geographic map search
  • User-defined facility tags
  • Facility-specific repository of information
  • Find incentives/rebates
  • Track EE projects

Benchmark And Track

what gets measured gets managed

Benchmarking tools help identify inefficiencies, especially when comparing between similar buildings, including: CBECs, portfolio median, and user-defined peer groups.


Real-Time, IDR Data

integrate multiple sub/smart-meters into a “single pane of glass”

Useful Applications with
Real-time/IDR Data Access
  • Daily energy usage via real-time monitoring and alert notifications
  • Set use/demand limits to catch energy spikes
  • Integrate electronic interchange data, AMI, or Green Button
  • Night, Weekend, and Holiday Setbacks
  • Smart Start-ups
  • Coasting
  • Peak Demand Management
  • Economizing aka “free-cooling”

Moments That Matter

support all stakeholders 24/7/365

  • Break down traditional silos within an organization
  • Centralize utility bills and reduce data complexity
  • Unlock value trapped in legacy IT systems
  • Empower everyone through flexible data access, including mobile
  • Single source provider for UEM & tenant recoveries
  • Provides you the ability to analyze your utility expense versus your tenant recoveries